Legislative Talking Points

Please Contact your Legislator!!!!!

You can do this by calling the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181

You can also get the latest information regarding the attacks on retired teacher pensions at www.teachfrankfort.org.

It is imperative that KRTA members engage their legislator's during these uncertain times.   It is important to keep your message concise;  use one or two talking points.  Below are a few talking points you are welcome to use.

1) Cost of Living Suspensions are unacceptable.  Suspending the Cost of Living Adjustment for 5 years will have a substantial financial impact over a retiree's lifetime. The COLA's in TRS were prefunded by the employee.  You can say, "It is my money."

How would a five year suspension of COLA's affect a retired teacher?  A 60-year old making $3,000 a month  ($36,000 per year) with a 5-year suspension of his/her COLA would lose $71,000 over a lifetime. If COLAs were suspended permanently, retirees  would lose approximately $190,000.

2) Thank them for the effort  they have put in to protecting retirees' health insurance.  Any changes to retiree health insurance is unacceptable.

3) The Teacher Retirement System (TRS) should handle current and future teacher retirement plans.    TRS can handle this much more efficiently than any private sector investment firm.  Any efforts to farm this money out would only benefit Wall Street.

Tim Abrams

Executive Director Elect, KRTA