Dear Murray Community Families

Thank you for your continued support and pride in our school & district!  This community is unparalleled in its commitment and dedication to educating our children.

We are extremely lucky to have effective, positive professional teachers and staff teaching, challenging, and loving our children.  We are very worried that this may not continue and need your help.

We are extremely concerned that many of our experienced, wonderful teachers may feel forced to retire this year or next year if the Governor's new pension bill is passed.  This will negatively impact the Murray Independent School District.

If our state legislators vote yes, outstanding teachers who have many great years of teaching and leading left in their future, teachers like Kandi Dawson, will feel like retiring is what they have to do.   They want to protect their vested secure retirement which they have paid monthly for each year of service instead of being placed in a more risky 401k plan.  This retirement decision impacts the entirety of their life and that of their families.  Educators pay in a great percent of their pay to have a good retirement. This is now being taken from us and costing us more each month.

The bill does not just include educators.  Our service workers, police officers, firemen, etc., are also negatively affected. All state works will be impacted including our aides, bus drivers, cooks, and custodians.  Think of the passionate, professional people and the importance of their jobs.  Consider many of them took these jobs at lower wages than other careers with the promise of a secure retirement which is now being negatively changed.  It will be very difficult to find individuals who want to do these jobs.  Right now, we can’t find people to be bus drivers.

We are very worried that our own children won't have effective teachers.  We have a hard time now finding high school teachers to fill our current needs.  If this bill passes, your children may not have qualified content teachers.

This is very disheartening. 

We understand our pension system needs some tweaking and we will have changes, but the plan up for vote is not the answer.  If it passes, our district will be significantly hurt. Many of our great educators will have no choice but to retire.

Our teachers work extremely hard. They go above and beyond to help our children, families, and community.  Twenty minute parent conferences, family nights, daily communication are only a few of the examples of how much they do to provide for our students.  They willingly spend a lot of their own money on their classrooms and students. These are people worth fighting for and supporting.